Saturday, January 24, 2009

Railway Ground Rajakal.

This post of mine is dedicated to my cricketing friends.

Railway Ground located in (12°55'31"N 80°7'27"E) East Tambaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, is an oval shaped ground in the Tambaram Railway quarters.

Several cricketing teams play in this ground and we are one among them.

This name RGR was selected by one of our friend Mahesh Subramanian for us.
Our sangam (community) consists almost all kinds of players who excel in their batting, bowling, fielding, keeping and even in Umpiring & Commentating.

Some of the players in RGR, (in alphabetical order)

Aaditya Aathi): Good Striker and a cameo player.

Aravind (Ferrare): Good player of the ball and stands thorough out the innings. Specialty: A slow ball delivery in a peculiar way so that if the batsman wants to hit the ball he has to hit the bowler also.

Aravind (Junior): A good all-rounder and has very good reflexes in the close position and aims direct hits while run outs.

Ashwin (King): Has really good knowledge and ideas about batting and bowling but implements those only at times. Sometimes turns the match single handedly both by batting and bowling.

Balasubramanian (Balu): Nice all-rounder. Always prefers deep fielding and an excellent fielder.

Deepak (Mooks): Power hitter of the ball. thirst to prove himself in the bowling.

Dilip (Marlon): Nice all-rounder. Especially with the ball delivers some stunning spells. Rotates strike and keeps the score board ticking.

Hariharan (Hari): Beautiful batsman who plays some peculiar but timing shots.

Harish (Ooye): Excellent left handed batsman who plays some timing shots. Great Point fielder. Takes stunning catches and direct hits. Specialty: hits the short pitched ball to the boundary which is the nightmare to the bowlers.

Karthick P (PK): Good off spinner and plays cut shots excellently and rotates the strike.

Krishna kumar (Krishna) Good bowler with a medium pace.

Kumaraguru (Guru): This is upto you guys to fill.

Mahesh Subramanian (Maggi): Good bowler. Especially teasers. And a nice tail ender who teases the bowler with his batting.

Prasoon (Umaga): Powerful left hander. Nightmare to all the bowlers when he is in prime form. Excellent spinner of the ball.

Raamachandran (Raama): A good pace bowler with proper line and length and a good batsman also.

Santhosh (Santhosh): Good all-rounder who delivers what the team really wants at that point of time.

Seshadri (Sesha or masai): Pure Hitter. If he connects the ball then it’s almost sure to boundary else no run. Incredible pace bowler.

Shankar (Albe or satti): Excellent slow bowler who tempts the batsman to make mistakes and takes wickets in regular intervals. And a good with bat also.

Sriram (Sriram in 90’s): Again excellent slow bowler and nice player of drive shots.

Sriram parthasarathy (Paambu): Awesome bowler with various bowling techniques and will bowl according to the batsman. A nice fielder in the deep. And an excellent runner between wickets and has various stance while batting.

Sundararajan (Sundar): Great off side player and almost like wall in one end while test matches.

Sunil (Weapon): Excellent fielder and a superb athlete who saves many boundaries in the deep and good player of shots.

Suresh (Barota): Power hitter of the ball in the leg side and play sensibly in the off side.

Tanvir ahmed (Tanwin): Opener and wicket keeper for RGR and power hitter of cricket ball.

Vijay Krishnan (Vijay): Excellent all rounder. Especially in bowling and fielding. Rotates strike with out wasting the ball and nice player of reverse sweeps.

Vinod (Valayam): Pace bowler with great line and length.

Vinod A (AV): An all-rounder and really good with the bat. Once he settles down in batting then the runs will come automatically in the good run rate. And takes stunning catches while keeping.

Vinod VN (Seval or VNV): Good batsman who plays some sensible shots when he settles down and he holds the record of maximum run outs in RGR Sangam. A good wicket keeper.

Vinod sita devi (Vinod): Incredible pace bowler with almost precise line and length.

Vinu (Screen): Another pure hitter of the ball.

Visweshwaran (Vichu): Excellent all rounder. Especially with the ball. Good spinner and excellent fielder.

We played many matches, we used to tease ourselves, we gave many birthday bums, we had many treats, we had many arguments, many fights but all these are preserved inside as Memories, which Railway Ground gave us. RGR sangam not only gave us good cricket but awful lot of experience and friendship. It’s almost time for us to take up our profession and go in our own way but I’m sure that when ever any of this community member passes Railway ground then surely there will be a sweep of old but Golden memories about the RGR and our friendship in their hearts.